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Monday, April 30, 2012

Now that... That is a Mi-Go!

Was browsing DeviantArt and came across this amazing work of art!

Mi-Go by: ~vuics
Valerio Cioni

He has even more Cthulhu Mythos and Dungeons and Dragons art as well.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This will probably happen in Carcosa...

I get the feeling this is eventually gonna happen in my Carcosa campaign.
It has been a very long time since I saw this movie. I only thought about it because I remembered the mini-volcano shaped hot springs and was gonna add them to my game at some point.
Looked up the scene and thought, yep soon as I add those at least one of the characters is gonna boil a dinosaur egg in it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

So ran my first Carcosa game tonight. OK, it wasn't OD&D. It was my heavily modified Runequest/Stormbringer/Call of Cthulhu inspired rule system I have been working on for a while.

Was a short introduction adventure more than anything. After seeing what type of characters got rolled up, I decided to place the characters in the yellow man village "People of the Consumed God" (from Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer adventure)
Since one of the characters was a Yellow Man I had decided on that setting. The other two characters were an Irrationalist Alien (one of the most difficult to roll random races on my list.) and a Blue Man. The Irrationalist Alien had developed psionics and escaped from his people before they could kill him. On the way he activated a robot to take with him that had not been repaired completely and was insane.
(The insane robot companion was a result of the character background rolled.) The robot was an NPC that I portrayed as the love child of Gir (Invader Zim) and 343 Guilty Spark (Halo) and was a flying eye that was most likely used as an interpreter by the aliens when they needed to talk to humans.
Then there was the Blue Man.
His background rolled was "Sex Slave". To fit these two characters into the introduction setting, I decided that “The Incomparable Crown” was experimenting with his sexuality and purchased the sex slave from some other village. Over time he was allowed to wander the village and not be killed as he was owned by the tribal chief.
The Irrationalist Alien was going to be a sacrifice but proved valuable when he used his psionics and healed a wound of one of the villagers who was preparing him for being sacrificed. "The Incomparable Crown" decided to spare him so he could learn more about other space aliens.
In the first adventure the Blue Man decided to sneak up to the edge of the pit that the “The Consumed God” resided and try to
get a snack from whatever "food excretions" may still be left before the god woke up. The Alien's robot sees him sneaking by in
the night and follows. The Yellow Man (who had rolled skills comparable to a theif) was casing a nearby set of huts when the robot
floated past him, getting his attention.
The Blue Man found a few snacks and the robot pretended to eat some of the scraps by rolling in it. The Yellow Man hid behind a
hut and watched the events while the Irrationalist Alien tried to retrieve the robot before it got itself (and him) into trouble.
Then the gurgling noise of "The Consumed God" sent the character's into a panic. The non-yellow men of the group had been there long enough to know what resided in the pit. It was night at this point and time for the creature to rise. The rest of the villagers were in hiding to avoid the madness of seeing the god. The Irrationalist Alien grabbed the robot and ran with it like it was a football back to
his hut. The Blue Man crawled on top of the most sturdy nearby structure that he could try looking at the creature and the Yellow
Man did the same but from peaking behind a building. Somehow both characters managed to not lose sanity from the experience.
The Yellow Man however began puking when he realized the food he and the other villagers have been eating was essentially the
God taking a crap. After the God finally sunk back down and it was safe once again, the Blue Man rushed to get a huge supply
of fresh "God Excrement" for his food supply.
The next day the Blue Man plotted to gain more favor with his master and offered to create a wondrous work of art near the sacrificial pit. Succeeding in convincing "The Incomparable Crown", he managed to steal some art supplies from the Irrationalist Alien (The stuff the Alien used to disguise himself with.) and began work on his project. His roll to do the art was extremely terrible. It was so bad that I rolled a chart I had for reactions to fumbled skills. Dice are funny things. I managed to roll a result that made "The Incomparable Crown" think the terrible art was actually divinely inspired. Rolled for the crowd and got same result. Made a secret roll for "The Consumed God" when it was to rise the next night and perceive the terrible art, and it got the same result.
(I started thinking my dice were broken at that point.) I decided that the god had the ability to gift those it found favor with and that character got to roll on the custom positive mutation chart. He got the ability to make fungus. Player had never seen the chart before and I watched his roll. It just fit so perfectly.
The Yellow Man, so disgusted that he had been eating "God Excrement" for years, decided to leave the village and headed to the Oasis a few miles away. He heard a large creature approaching over the sand dunes and he dove for cover in the sand. He tried to conceal himself but failed. He looked up to find a Purple Man riding an Allosaurus. The Allosaurus was drooling and would have eaten him, though the Purple Man wanted to toy with the Yellow Man. The dino-riders hate the nearby Yellow Men because they worship Great Old Ones. In a conversation he realized the Yellow Man had left the village in disgust and that he had obviously renounced his god. The dino-rider made him the offer of either become the meal of his hungry Allosaurus mount, or become his servant. The Yellow Man gladly joined him and was thrown rations.
It was a short game and no actually combat occurred. We had to stop at that point. Though hopefully next week I plan on getting the characters on the way to the Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer.