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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence

I picked up "The Islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence" by Venger As'Nas Satanis on PDF couple weeks ago. In my opinions it's kinda like 'Lost' meets 'Land of the Lost' (both 1974 and movie version) with various other Fantasy and Sci-Fi mixed in, with a good dose of Lovecraftian flavor added. So like in 'Lost' instead of the island pulling down airliners, it pulls in star ships and dimension portals in people/things from across time/space/dimensions.
Loved this so much, I ordered a print copy as well as the 'Liberation of the Demon Slayer', also by same author.
If you love crazy gonzo settings, definitely give it a look!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random Space Alien Facilities Program

Another program I plan to update at some point. It generates randomly generates [space alien] facilities.
Depending on output, you can tell if it's abandoned and under new management or still under alien control.
I might make some generic maps that might fit together depending on which sections are spawned by the program.

HEX: 0110
The Facility in HEX: 0110 is controlled by: Artificer Enclave (Dolm Men [Immatra] Pop: 25, Black Men [Blazari] Pop: 58 & Purple Men [Pahsari] Pop: 28).
Weapon Storage Depot
Social Modification Arcology [Disputed Ruins]
Subspace Network Relay Station
Station & Underground Storage
Psychic Study Facility
Mining Station
Waste Disposal Station
Particle Collider Facility
Mobile Facility
Deep Space Telescope Facility
FAC SIZ: 39[Just under four Subhexes]

HEX: 0111
The Facility in HEX: 0111 is controlled by: Rogue Robots, Pop: 50
Mobile Facility
Power Plant
Psychic Study Facility
Command & Control Hub Station
FAC SIZ: 10[One Subhex]

HEX: 0112
The Facility in HEX: 0112 is controlled by: Artificer Enclave (White Man [Whytite] Pop: 38, Red Men [Rahjani] Pop: 70 & Blue Men [Bulisai] Pop: 36).
Observation Arcology [Contested Living Space]
Waste Disposal Station
Underground Transit Network Tunnels
Experimental Implant Laboratory
Monitoring Station
Weapon Storage Depot
Particle Collider Facility
FAC SIZ: 19[Just under two Subhexes]

HEX: 0113
The Facility in HEX: 0113 is controlled by: Zeta (Space Aliens) Pop: 107
Research Station
Observation Arcology [White Man [Whytite] Pop: 90,Bone Men [Skelosi] Pop: 95, & Brown Men [Bowanai] Pop: 52.]
FAC SIZ: 20[Two Subhexes]

Random God & Cult Generator Program

Once in a while I write programs to help flesh out my Carcosa campaign. I am developing a few different village and other settlement generators, but needed to develop a cult & god program.

Here is a test run sample of some of what it spits out.

HEX: 0101
1) Hzipyb , The Yellow God of the Engraving Worlds.
   Hzipyb , is a Yellow part Dog & part Cockroach looking Monster with Cilia-Like Orange Camo-like patterns
Followed by the Cult: 'Followers of Hzipyb's Word'
Who's Tenents & Taboos Include:
* Never seek shelter from storm.
* Never wear blue clothing.
* Strangle those who laugh toward the full moon, Camilla.
* Never eat black fruit.
* Never wear platinum jewelry
* Left side torso tattooed in sacred marks of your cult.
* Once a year make pilgrimage to The Forest of Ptagn.
* One must shed own blood on new moon, Elhalyn.
* Seek out technology related to the Zetas(Space Aliens).
Cult's Main Holy Days:
Sathoth  the 18th
Tymoy  the 5th
Lobra  the 16th
Mullus  the 23th
Obera  the 24th
Cesto  the 11th
Ybrii  the 14th
Eysu  the 7th
Eysu  the 2nd
Prefered Sacrifices: White Apes
Prefered Sacrifices: [Ganarji] Green Men
Prefered Sacrifices: [Whytite] White Men
Unacceptable Sacrifices: Gaunt Men
Unacceptable Sacrifices: [Pahsari] Purple Men

It spits out ten different gods & cults for each of the 400 Carcosa Hexes. (4000 entries.) 
Once I flesh this out a little better, the plan is to combine programs to add these to applicable settlement types.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Ages since I posted last...

Been out of the loop for a while. Not posted on my blog and only followed a few in last few months. To be honest, part of the reason I took a break was Blogger was having wayyyy to many issues for me to want to deal with. So gonna give it a shot again and see if this works a little better this time around.

Your in Carcosa now...

So I have to box up all my customizing supplies in preparing to move, and probably won't get around to sharing the Carcosa custom action figures I had been working on, so here is a sneak peak...
These two are based on Kelvin Green's art, that he made for Fight On #4.