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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random Space Alien Facilities Program

Another program I plan to update at some point. It generates randomly generates [space alien] facilities.
Depending on output, you can tell if it's abandoned and under new management or still under alien control.
I might make some generic maps that might fit together depending on which sections are spawned by the program.

HEX: 0110
The Facility in HEX: 0110 is controlled by: Artificer Enclave (Dolm Men [Immatra] Pop: 25, Black Men [Blazari] Pop: 58 & Purple Men [Pahsari] Pop: 28).
Weapon Storage Depot
Social Modification Arcology [Disputed Ruins]
Subspace Network Relay Station
Station & Underground Storage
Psychic Study Facility
Mining Station
Waste Disposal Station
Particle Collider Facility
Mobile Facility
Deep Space Telescope Facility
FAC SIZ: 39[Just under four Subhexes]

HEX: 0111
The Facility in HEX: 0111 is controlled by: Rogue Robots, Pop: 50
Mobile Facility
Power Plant
Psychic Study Facility
Command & Control Hub Station
FAC SIZ: 10[One Subhex]

HEX: 0112
The Facility in HEX: 0112 is controlled by: Artificer Enclave (White Man [Whytite] Pop: 38, Red Men [Rahjani] Pop: 70 & Blue Men [Bulisai] Pop: 36).
Observation Arcology [Contested Living Space]
Waste Disposal Station
Underground Transit Network Tunnels
Experimental Implant Laboratory
Monitoring Station
Weapon Storage Depot
Particle Collider Facility
FAC SIZ: 19[Just under two Subhexes]

HEX: 0113
The Facility in HEX: 0113 is controlled by: Zeta (Space Aliens) Pop: 107
Research Station
Observation Arcology [White Man [Whytite] Pop: 90,Bone Men [Skelosi] Pop: 95, & Brown Men [Bowanai] Pop: 52.]
FAC SIZ: 20[Two Subhexes]

Random God & Cult Generator Program

Once in a while I write programs to help flesh out my Carcosa campaign. I am developing a few different village and other settlement generators, but needed to develop a cult & god program.

Here is a test run sample of some of what it spits out.

HEX: 0101
1) Hzipyb , The Yellow God of the Engraving Worlds.
   Hzipyb , is a Yellow part Dog & part Cockroach looking Monster with Cilia-Like Orange Camo-like patterns
Followed by the Cult: 'Followers of Hzipyb's Word'
Who's Tenents & Taboos Include:
* Never seek shelter from storm.
* Never wear blue clothing.
* Strangle those who laugh toward the full moon, Camilla.
* Never eat black fruit.
* Never wear platinum jewelry
* Left side torso tattooed in sacred marks of your cult.
* Once a year make pilgrimage to The Forest of Ptagn.
* One must shed own blood on new moon, Elhalyn.
* Seek out technology related to the Zetas(Space Aliens).
Cult's Main Holy Days:
Sathoth  the 18th
Tymoy  the 5th
Lobra  the 16th
Mullus  the 23th
Obera  the 24th
Cesto  the 11th
Ybrii  the 14th
Eysu  the 7th
Eysu  the 2nd
Prefered Sacrifices: White Apes
Prefered Sacrifices: [Ganarji] Green Men
Prefered Sacrifices: [Whytite] White Men
Unacceptable Sacrifices: Gaunt Men
Unacceptable Sacrifices: [Pahsari] Purple Men

It spits out ten different gods & cults for each of the 400 Carcosa Hexes. (4000 entries.) 
Once I flesh this out a little better, the plan is to combine programs to add these to applicable settlement types.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Ages since I posted last...

Been out of the loop for a while. Not posted on my blog and only followed a few in last few months. To be honest, part of the reason I took a break was Blogger was having wayyyy to many issues for me to want to deal with. So gonna give it a shot again and see if this works a little better this time around.

Your in Carcosa now...

So I have to box up all my customizing supplies in preparing to move, and probably won't get around to sharing the Carcosa custom action figures I had been working on, so here is a sneak peak...
These two are based on Kelvin Green's art, that he made for Fight On #4.