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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm a dork, HEX 2005 and the 651.851 yard scale hexes

Well a while back I mentioned that I would be switching over to the 704 yard scale hexes for all my future maps. Errr... well I was wrong. Problem is I do too much of my map working when I am half asleep. It appears that the base map I have been using for all of them was slightly misshaped and had few too many hexes. Instead of being 704 yards per hex it calculates out to be more like 651.851851851851...(continuing of course.)
Well crap. OK well I can live with 651.851 yard scale hexes. I mean, how often do you see that anyways? Fixed the misshaped hexes with slight adjustment to top and bottoms without having to redo them all again.
So in the title I mentioned HEX 2005. Why?
I continue the adventure for my players again this evening.

HEX 2005
The hex numbers don't match up to the ones in the Fungoid Garden module since the scale is different.
This was to play around with my custom map icons and give the desert a bit more character, adding dunes, cracked ground, rock formations, desert cactus and sagebrush and variety of icons for encounters, such as dinosaur skeletons, roaming npcs, etc... 
In the upper left I put a suggested location (base on his coordinates but converted for this map's scale) for those who might be using S.P.s Remnant, a village he describes in his blog here:

A few of the encounter locations: Some old, some new.
Fungoid Gardens: subhex 1604
Village of the Consumed God: subhexes 2105,2205,2206
Natural Spring: subhex 1705
Shrine to Yog-Sothoth: subhex 2602
Wandering NPC villager: subhex 1905
Wandering Synapsid: subhex 2506
Caves: subhex 2806
Cannibal Caves: subhex 1607
Dimetrodon Skeleton: subhex 1402
Caves: 1205
Cave Fisher, kinda like the old D&D one but evolved from giant hermit crabs that instead of shells, they attach themselves to caves in cliff walls in badlands.
Subhexes: 1006, 1108, 0609, 1027
Stegasaurus Skeleton: subhex 0311
Giant Scorpion: subhex 0414
Caves: subhexs 0610 and 0708
Hot Spring: subhex 0907
Alien Scientific Outpost: subhex 0715
Scout Robot: subhex 0720
Oasis: subhex 1023
Dino Rider Camp: subhex 1322
HEX 2005
In the last adventure the characters managed to turn on each other, split up, joined up with various opposing factions in the area of HEX 2005 and somehow managed to get a mad group of yellow men from the Village of the Consumed God to run into a group of Yellow Men Cannibals on their way to going after the Bone Sorcerer, while the other Dino Riders jumped in and attacked both groups. In the chaos, the characters managed to go hide among the rocky badlands. They eventually found each other and one of the accidentally found the entrance to the Fungoid Gardens. (which they had forgotten about.)
I rolled for a random encounter when they entered the caves. The Alchemist was rolled. The characters decided to talk to him instead of attacking. When the Blue Man of the party realized that the person they were talking to was not only an alchemist but also plucking fungus, he showed off his new mutant ability to grow mold. I rolled for the reaction of the alchemist who was more than happy to continue conversation.
After some talks and an arranged meeting with the Bone Sorcerer the characters ended up getting recruited as guards for the Fungoid Gardens. That was where I left the game off last. I was not expecting it.
Many of the situations came about due to the results of letting the dice to the decision making and it led to a much different and more interesting game session than I had expected. Makes me think about Zak S's post "The Game is a Player"

So since the characters are guards now, I get to bring the adventure to them. Tonight I have a group of adventurers that will be raiding the Fungoid Gardens and the characters will need to defend it. If they survive they will learn some more hidden secrets that perhaps even the Bone Sorcerer did not know about his domain...

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