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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thaggasoth Peaks, Top edge, Hex 0606 detailed

First off, I wanted to thank Thanks to CRUSSSDADDY of The Doomed World of CARCOSA who's maps inspired me to redo my Thaggasoth Peaks hex maps in the 704 yard per hex format.

EDIT- When coordinates are given its A (Across) first then D (Down) (example: subhex 12A,5D)

HEX 0606

Here is what I have so far for descriptions. I am only about half way though. Hopefully I will get around to the rest of the descriptions later.
The plan is to work my way from the top left size of the Thaggasoth Peaks down to the lower right side, hex by hex.

Subhex 5A,13D: "Emblek",Giant Mutant Scorpion: The mutations of this scorpion has vastly increased its intelligence to human levels and it has the capability of using five psionic powers per day. It has a Space Alien Force Field belt wrapped arround the base of one of its claws. It discovered how to use it purely by accident when it investigated the flying saucer wreck in sub hex 15A,8D. It figured out how to activate it and has used it to give it the edge to survive. The Dimetrodon Men (see below) occasionally offer sacrifices and worship this scorpion. It's den is in this hex and if during the day it may be within. At night it hunts across the sage brush lands nearby for victims. It cannot speak but understands the tongue of the Dimetrodon Men (which is a bastardized version of Serpent Man.) "Emblek", (as the Dimetrodon Men call it) dislikes the undead in the area and may wait for potential victims to be in combat with one of the roaming undead before striking and taking a distracted adventurer. The den is a small network of caves. In one pit of the cave the scorpion disposes of gear and supplies it has no need for. As it is intelligent it has set traps in parts of the cave.

Subhex 7A,12D: Trapped Undead Skeletons: A group of eight skeletons (of humans), armed with Kopesh-like swords wander the in circles in a partially exposed lava tube. Some overhead sections are intact and form natural bridges over the section of old lava tubes.
Characters may notice the sound of bone grinding across rock echoing though the area. The skeletons wandered down into tunnels and are not smart enough to figure out how to climb out. They kill anything that they find.
Sadora and her Goar

Subhex 7A,16D: Sadora and her Goar: A red woman and 3rd level Fighter named Sadora, wearing a tribal mask and carrying a spear rides a Goar. She has been seperated from her fellow adventurers and depending on how the players react to her, she may join them.
Her Goar will at any opportunity try to gnaw on any wood or bone it finds laying about.

Subhex 11A, 24D: Lone Zombie: This zombie wanders the sage brush. It has a single arrow sticking out of it's back and it occasionally tries to reach back and pull it out. (and always fails)
Dimetrodon Men

Subhex 11A, 26D: Dimetrodon Men hunting pack: This is a pack of six Dimetrodon Men armed with spears. They are from the caves surrounding the marsh and swamp areas in the lower right part of hex 0606. They are out searching for food and potential sacrifice victims for "Emblek" the Intelligent Giant Mutant Scorpion they worship from subhex 5A,13D. (Treat the Dimetrodon Men as Lizard Men for stats)

Subhex 10A,6D: Zombies being followed by tiny dinosaurs: Three Zombies wander the sage brush  lashing out at tiny but fast scavenger dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are drawn to the decay and once in a while run by and try to peck at the zombies.

Subhex 10A,24D: Crocodile: The crocodile is peaking out of the river near the south shore and waiting for a victim.
Undead Tyranosaurus

Subhex 11A,12D: Undead Tyranosaurus Rex: Some supernatural force or insane sorcerer and brought this terrible beast back from the dead.
Velociraptor hunting

Subhex 12A,8D: Velociraptor Pack: A small pack of three veloceraptors are stalking the plains, most likely following the trail fo the zombies from Subhex 10A,6D.
Wasteland Crater

Subhex 12A,14D: Wasteland Crater: This is a meteorite crater taking up most this subhex. When the moon of Cassilda is full anyone standing within the crater will appear on a deserted but survivable crater on that moon of similar dimensions this this crater. Though either technology or magic the moon crater has a comparable gravity atmosphere. There will also be low cloud cover in the crater. If the characters try climbing above the cloud cover of the crater they begin to notice far less gravity and it gets difficult to breath. Most characters will pass out before reaching the top where they would be exposed to vaccuum of the moon's surface. There is also a 25% chance of 1D4 Byakhee being perched on the upper edge of the crater who will notice anyone trying to climb above the cloud layer.
The moon crater may have hidden tunnel networks that lead to other similar craters. These are likely to be the home of Moon Beast slavers.

Subhex 13A,5D: Tower of Dathan: Dathan, a 5th level Jale Man Sorcerer resides here. He offers sacrifices to the "Stalker Beneath" in subhex14A,5D. If it is offered a sacrifice each day starting with the new moon of Camillia till the full moon, the Sorcerer offering the sacrifice has a 50% chance of being blessed with a knowledge of a new ritual.

Subhex 14A,5D: The Stalker Beneath: This is a minor god that dwells in a pit of shadows that is most likely a gateway to some foul dimension. It reaches out with five tentacles all made of a almost physical looking shadow. The creature never reveals it's body which is always in the shadow pit. The tentacles are immune to non-magical physical attacks. Magical physicals attacks do minimum damage. It is also immune to elemental projectors. Actual energy weapons do half damage.

Subhex 15A,24D: Castle of 35 Yellow Men led by a neutral Banisher (from the Carcosa Book)
Crashed Flying Saucer

Subhex 16A,8D: Crashed Space Alien Flying Saucer. There is a 10% chance of finding anything salvagable that has not already been grabbed by others. There is also a 45% chance of 1D4 zombified Space Aliens wandering nearby.

Subhex 16A,13D: Statue of Unknown Hero: Here stands a 20 foot tall statue carved of a strange pea green and dark gray swirled stone. It is of a human warrior holding a sword over her head. There are minor scratches in it's surface from dinosaurs clawing at it.

Subhex 16A,21D: Duckbill Dinosaurs: There are two Duckbill Dinosaurs of some type, most likely a mated pair who are searching for food near the shore of the river.

Subhex 17A,4D: Wasteland Caves: These are home to cannibal cultists who are also refugees from the destroyed village in subhex 20A,7D. The cannibals consist of both yellow and orange men. (12 yellow,9 orange). They worship the Stalker Beneath from subhex 14A,5D and believe Dathan the Sorcerer (Subhex 13A,5D) to be the holy prophet of the Stalker Beneath. They occasionally bring suitable sacrifices to him to offer to their god.

Subhex 17A,5D: Wasteland Geyser: A natural geyser gushes up water every few minutes and leaves mineral deposits in the surrounding area. The Cannibals from subhex 17A,4D dance arround the geyser and have over the years developed a ritual of placing bones of victims in strange patterns arround the geyser pool.
Undead Stegasaurus

Subhex 17A,10D: Undead Stegasaurus: This partially skeletal dinosaur is effectively a zombie. It drank the water from the lake nearby which poisoned it and it rose from the dead as a zombie. It wanders the shore. It's slow but it's tail is still dangerous.

Subhex 17A,19D: Dimetrodon Men Hunting Party: This is a group of nine dimetrodon men heading back to their caves in the lower right area of hex 0606. They have slain a green man and yellow woman and have their bodies tied to poles that they are carrying back for food. (Treat the Dimetrodon Men as Lizard Men for stats)

Subhex 18A,2D: Ruins of a Castle: These ruins have been here for some time. The Cannibals of subhex 17A,4D avoid them. The Byakhee of subhex 20A,2D sometimes roost here. Inside the ruins are the occasional Dimetrodon Men and the dungeon below the ruins leads to a network of ancient lava tubes.

Subhex 18A,4D: Monument Statue: Before the survivors of the lost village turned to cannibalism, they created this statue for their fallen leader. Some of the cannibals leave skulls at the base of the statue.

Subhex 18A,10D: Infectious Trillobyte: These strange creatures are the only living animals in the lake. They seem to be the source of the disease in the lake. Anyone stepping into the water will be attacked. They do no more than 1 point of damage on a successful strike, though the victim must save vs poison or die. If they die they rise as a zombie in 1D6 hours.

Subhex 18A,12D: Undead Fish: This is a giant fish of some kind. It is effectively a zombie and will try to eat the characters.

Subhex 18A,17D: Adagar: This is a red man named Adagar. he is a 2nd level fighter and was traveling with Sadora (subhex 7A,16D) and three other adventurers until they were attacked by a group of Dimetrodon Men. He is armed with a bow and a shortsword. He may join a party of adventurers at least until he has found those that remain of his party.

Subhex 19A,10D see subhex 18A,12D

Subhex 19A,11D see subhex 18A,12D

Subhex 19A,7D: Large Graveyard: Roughly 150 tombstones fill this area, though most the graves are open. 50% chance of zombies or skeletons wandering though the area (2D4)

Subhex 20A,2D: Byakhee: A pair of Byakhee search this area at night for victims. During the day they roost in a still standing tower of the castle ruins in subhex 18A,2D.

Subhex 20A,11D see subhex 18A,12D

Subhex 20A,10D: see subhex 18A,10D

Subhex 21A,12D: see subhex 18A,10D

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