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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Returning to the Blog...

So it's been ages since I wrote on my blog.
Last few months, aside from moving a few times, I have been playing in numerous G+ games, including HMS Apollyon (Dungeon of Signs), Blackmash (No Fair Fights), The Successors DCC RPG Campaign (Starting Over With The OSR), Dungeon Moon (Paper & Pencils blog) as well as Masters of Carcosa (Save vs . Total Party Kill).

Well decided to start a Carcosa website called Hyadian Schism: Chaos in Carcosa.
Hyadian Schism

There you will also find some of the High res Carcosa Hex Maps I made over the last few months.
Hex Maps

PLEASE NOTE: The website is a work in progress. Some areas are still blank and others are an unfiltered mess of uncleaned up data, such as character creation data literally stripped from the character creator program and dumped on pages. Will be cleaned up eventually.


  1. Great post! I love the Hyadian Schism! Great site with nice stuff! Btw: Did you know ? It's a great page with some really useful ramdom generators for Carcosa. I didn't found any contacts, so I use this way for contribution. Rock on! We need more stuff!

  2. Thanks! I actually play in the game he runs on G+. In the various other old school games I play on line I am always making use of his character generators. I just need to get around to figuring out how to make my generator working online.