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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aldebaran Solar System, Work in Progress

So here is what I have so far for the solar system of Aldebaran:

Aldebaran Solar System
1 Alpha Tauri I, orange/red giant
2 Alpha Tauri II, red dwarf
3 Thale (may actually be a brown dwarf star)
4 Naotalba
5 Uoht
6 "Carcosa" - moon 1 "Camillia" ,moon 2 "Cassilda"
7 Tassilda
8 Tasylock
9 Thothut
10 Haita
11 "Comet A"
12 "Comet B"
13 "Comet C"
In the real world, Alpha Tauri II is much further away, though that would not work for the "twin suns" mentioned in Cassilda'a Song, as one would most likely appear to be a very bright star in the night sky, or at the very least would not set at the same time. So I just moved it closer.
The planets are named after the mythical (or most likely historical) characters of the world. Though few inhabitants of "Carcosa" will know this.

There is much more planned for detailing the Aldebaran solar system, such as moons, known asteroid belts, names for the comets, etc...

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