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Friday, March 23, 2012

Zeta (Space Alien) Rifle

Was trying to think of what the Zeta's (space aliens) weapons would look like. I was playing around a bit in paint shop pro, then decided to go 3D instead. Not sure if its what I am gonna go with, though here is one of the concept ideas.

and as an animated gif.


  1. Cool design. What are the Zeta's like?

  2. They are just the "grey aliens" from the Carcosa book. I just didn't want to call them "space aliens" all the time, so went with Zeta (short for Zeta Recticuli)
    From what I gather reading though, they are like Grey aliens of UFO lore, but man-sized.

  3. Ya I agree. I might use this for some other setting, though will rework this.
    I dug out a book with some crazy old school ray gun designs for some inspiration.