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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Green Sands of Aldebaran...

"Bell flight 14 you now can land. See you on Aldebaran. Safe on the green desert sand"
2000 Light Years from Home - The Rolling Stones
(Though I prefer The Danse Society cover.)

As a fan of The Danse Society, I discovered this cover of the song. I had never heard the origional Rolling Stones song prior to this. My introduction to this song happened arround the time I was developing my space campaign years ago and led to me adding "the green desert sands" to my campaign.
In my new campaign the Green Dunes will be located in a number of hexes just east of the city of Carcosa. 
In the original campaign the extra dimensional properties of  Alpha Tauri IV (the world of Carcosa) made that sand suitable for creating "mana processors", allowing robots to manipulate mystical energies. (GURPS Robots)
The Green Sands will have alchemical properties that character's into Sorcery can discover in the new campaign.
Though it was not discovered by the characters (in the old space game), it turns out the sand was a vital component in the creation of Neglithium. An extremely rare greenish gold looking metal that was highly resistant to radiation and other forms of energy, highly sought after in the known galaxy. In the origional campaign it was known that Neglithium was a "transdimensional metal", it possessed properties that were not understood by human science as it coexisted in multiple realities at once. (Like the Mi-go). There were numerous "Trans-metals" and other "Trans-dimensional materials". (At a future point I will update with a list.) It was also discovered (in the old space campaign) that the Serpent Folk had created most (if not all) the trans-metals. (Which the Mi-Go coveted).
In the new campaign all trans-metals will have simpler names. Neglithium will become Neglith, and will be sought by the "space aliens" as a valuable reactor core shielding.

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