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Friday, March 30, 2012

Carcosa Calendar

Last night I decided to throw together a calendar system for Carcosa.
This is a work in progress. As I am a bit tired so I might have gotten the moon cycles a bit off. Please let me know if you see any errors with it and feel free to use this in your games if you wish.

Days of the Week: (5 days of week)

Months: (12)
Cesto - 1st, winter begins, Solstice
Ybrii -
Hassak -
Kaydaro - 1st, spring begins, Equinox
Mullus -
Obera -
Eysu - 1st, summer begins, Solstice
Lobra -
Tymoy -
Myrro - 1st, fall begins, Equinox
Lhada -
Sathoth - 34th veil thinnest between dreamlands and world.

408 days per year

Moon Cycles:
@ = full followed by M1 or M2
M1 = Camillia, orbits every 24 days
M2 = Cassilda, orbits every 42 days

Just click the pics for larger calendar images.
Beginning of Year 2...
Wanted to make a framework to design special events, like alignment of planets, eclipses, etc... or rituals that must be done with specific moon cycles.

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  1. In my experience, everyone hates having to learn new names for days and months, especially when it isn't on our regular base 7, base 12 model. It's one of those things that game designers and GMs make up, but the players never bother to pay attention to.