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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Green Sands continued...

^^ Here is a map showing where I have placed the green sands in the world of Carcosa.

1606 - Is the location of the delta where a small river has passed though the sands and into Lake Hali. This area will have high amounts of vegetation that is suitable for alchemical purposes.
The plateau sitting in middle of hexes: 2006, 2007 and 2107, contains a mining camp run by Mi-Go who have enslaved local humans. They are hoping to locate some rare Neglith here.
2106 - Spillover where the highland normal desert sands mix with the lower land green sands. This is also a trade route though often plagued by raiders.
2307 - The Castle of the Ulfire mad scientist, (as described in the Carcosa book) sits on this mountain. I hope to detail this individual and his castle at a future point.

The Green Sands Oasis:

Plateaus in the distance among the Green Dunes. Among those Plateaus, Mi-Go use enslaved humans to harvest rare trans-dimensional ores.

It's not much of an update but wanted to post something today.

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