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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting Started.

About twelve years ago I discovered the stories of Hastur, Carcosa and The King in Yellow. It is difficult to explain why, though that particular mythology really drew me in.
Around this time I had started a space based RPG for some friends. It was using the GURPS rules and I had access to a book called Cthulupunk. I ran this campaign off and on over ten years. In that time Aldebaran became a major theme, as did The King in Yellow. During this time I kept running into music and other odd stories that would somehow fit the theme and add to my own view of this mythology. Eventually that campaign ended and there was no more story to tell, yet I had built up so many ideas during that time.
Then about three weeks ago I discover "Supplement V: Carcosa". Then soon after also learn that it has been updated by Lamentation of the Flame Princes. While at this time I cannot afford this update, I have been taking all my old notes and combining them with the Carcosa as seen though the eyes of Geoffrey McKinney. While I have no desire of running it with OD&D rules (or any version of D&D for that matter.), I had been working on a customized version of gaming rules just prior to discovering Supplement V. It's a cut down and simplified mix of older and newer Elric/Stormbring and Runequest. Though the more I have read into McKinney's vision of Carcosa I have modified my rules to adjust for this. Not going to bore you with those details any further. This blog will include my additions to that world, such as new monsters, wildlife, locations, strange alchemy, a bit of weird "steampunk" style things that some inventive humans have developed from that strange alchemy mixed with the junk parts of destroyed alien robots. (Inspired by "mad scientist" of hex 2307). There will of course be those bits and pieces from my old space campaign that will be added in, such as the "Sky Islands" which are orbital debris fields of various aliens ships that have been torn apart and turned into nests by the swarms of Byakhee which live in orbit.
McKinney's use of the Serpent Folk as a major influence in the world of Carcosa's past worked perfect for me. In my old space campaign they were one of the Precursor races, which had one offshoot of the race that focused more on magic and another offshoot that had developed a form of technology. They had distant colonies that were in stasis but awoke from time to time to check in on their old domains. 
At one point I hope to expand out with some crazy space expansion. "Star Lords of the Hyades" seemed like the perfect cheesy old school sci-fi title for it.
Well guess that is enough for now. Hope to have something interesting to post next time of than just me babbling on.

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