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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Typical day on Carcosa?

So as I go about updating the Carcosa map (from Supplement V: Carcosa), I am a bit confused. So if these different tribes of men tend to not trust each other, why do so many different groups have towns and castles near each other? Easier to pillage each other?
I was also wondering why few of the villages were near water...then again with the crazy stuff on Carcosa that might dwell in or near the water I guess it does make sense.

Also with all the Dinosaurs and giant bugs, this has got to be a typical day on Carcosa.

After re-watching those Skull Island scenes from the 2005 King Kong it made me really appreciate just how terrifying Carcosa would be on a day to day basis. Oh lets go get a drink of water...crap, Billy got eaten by a giant leech!

In D&D statistics you probably have to be a third level fighter just to survive crawling out of the womb on Carcosa.

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