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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Decided Moon-Beasts are gonna be in my Carcosa game. These are not the usual dreamlands version. They have found a way into the waking physical world though some weak spot in the veil between worlds long ago. They stole ancient technologies and reverse engineered them to make various large craters on the surface of the two moons habitable. These craters have artificial gravity, atmosphere and thick clouds. This is also beneficial as when the Moon-Beast slaves try to escape they can't leave the crater area without being exposed to the cold vacuum of space.
The Moon-Beast make use of permanent magical gates between craters and the world below. They make bases near high concentrations of human villages and make use of local domesticated steeds to hunt down new slaves. Sometimes using captured Zeta weapons.
(crude) picture of a Moon-Beast on a local domestic steed of some sort. (better pics at a later point.)

More on this subject, hopefully soon.

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